4 mei 2000

Vauxhall 23-60 ‘Arundel’ All-Weather Tourer


Offered from a large collection and from an absolute enthusiast. A unique Vauxhall 23-60 ‘Arundel’ All-Weather Tourer.

This Arundel has been restored for more than €150,000 and it clearly shows. This car is in absolute top condition.

What we have been able to find in history is that the first owner, Mr. E.J. Ward (Chairman Freeman, Hardy and Willis) bought the car new in 1923 and asked coachbuilder Hamshaw to build a special body for his 23-60. Until 1929, Hamshaw built many bodies for Vauxhall, Wolsely Humber and Sunbeam. Also, some Bentleys and Rolls-Royces were built with Hamshaw bodies.

In 1929, Mr. Ward sold the car to a Quorn garage where the car remained until 1957. The owner used it as a company car for a number of years and after that the Vauxhall was no longer driven. A Mr Merrick bought the car for £25 just before the Vauxhall was about to be demolished.
Mr. Merrick found the original books under the seats and contacted Mr. Ward to get some photos of the car so he could restore the Arundel (photos available).

In 1961/1962, Mr. Merrick sold the 23-60 to a Dutch gentleman named Mr. Bensdorp in The Hague. Owner of a chocolate factory in Bussum.
Mr Bensdorp has continued with the restoration over the years and has finished the engine.

In 1965 Mr Bensdorp sold the restored Vauxhall to garage owner Dries Jetten.
We were able to find that Dries later sold it to Mr. Lang, who kept the car until 2008.

The current owner spoke to Mr Lang several times in the 1990s to buy his Vauxhall but Mr Lang refused. In 2008, the son of Mr. Lang asked the current owner if he was still interested in buying the Vauxhall. Mr. Lang was violently robbed at home and wanted to sell his large possessions. The collector for whom we now sell the car bought it then.

The current owner started a major restoration between 2007 and 2011 and has invested a total of approximately €150,000. He is a true Vauxhall enthusiast and only rode on the best days of the year. The car is therefore still in very good condition. The current owner has spared no money on the restoration so the Vauxhall has been restored to perfection.

Some facts:
-The only known and existing Vauxhall 23-60 with Hamshaw ‘Arundel’ Bodywork
-Complete with a very well documented history, photos with different owners, the original books, photos of the registration, invoices and communication with some of the old owners.
-Won in 2012 Prix d’Elegance at Concours d’Elegance (NL) and several other prizes
-Matching numbers

All in all a very special vehicle that we will only sell to a collector who will also use the car for exhibitions.

We can be reached by phone 7 days a week from 09:00 to 21:00 on 0348-752499, feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Certainties at Bernards Exclusives:

-No delivery costs
-RDW recognized
-NAP car pass connected
-Open and honest advice
-Trade in and financing possible
-Years of experience and knowledge in the exclusive segment


  • Merk: Vauxhall
  • Model: 23-60 'Arundel' All-weather Tourer
  • Bouwjaar: 1923
  • Kilometerstand: 5.772km
  • Brandstof: Benzine
  • Kleur: Blauw/zwart
  • Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
  • Vermogen: 23pk
  • BTW/Marge: Marge
  • Prijs: €79.950


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